As Seen In…

Joan Tysinger’s latest project, the short film Wheelchair Diaries, has been featured in:

Catherine Fox, Art wraps around the Beltline, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, January 22, 2008:

Joan Tysinger’s video “The Wheelchair Diaries” brings home the perils of taking a wheelchair “walk” on city streets. The piece, pairing two perspectives — the view from her chair and the same path shot by friends who walk with or behind her — creates a queasy sensation, which aptly complements her experience.

Tysinger narrates as she goes, revealing the countless decisions and disappointments she faces as she negotiates an obstacle course of fractured sidewalks, missing curb cuts and lightning-quick green lights. You come away not only with a vicarious experience of the abstract term “wheelchair accessibility” but also with admiration for a true road warrior.

The Decatur Film Festival – Audience Award for Documentary Film Winner!

Access Atlanta, Artists Discuss the City

Georgia State University Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design’s Urban Intervention: The Beltline


One Response to “As Seen In…”

  1. I went into New York City the other day. After being stuck on a cobblestoned street full of sidewalk cafes I had vowed to never do so again, but…I use an electric wheelchair and have a ramp van. I parked in a parking garage. The idea was that you left your car, and they parked it somewhere until you came back. What is it about wheelchairs that freaks people out? I told the parking lot attendant that I waas going to put my ramp down (as he was trying to get into the car and gesturing me to get out0. I did so and then handed him my car keys saying don’t push the buttons it will put the ramp down. This guy put my ramp down and tried to drive away 5 times. I kept yelling stop and he kept ignoring me. Finally he drove off, only to repeat the performance when I came back to pick up my car. I don’t know how people who live in wheelchairs live in big cities (or at least in New York )and travel by themselves. I wish I could see your videao. Joan

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